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SunFlex24 Plus Specifications




SunFlex24 Plus is the #1 choice of champion breeders. Learn why:

800 W

(any lighting source,

Create the healthiest environment for your birds and take your breeding success to the next level

Automatic power failure recovery

We are the only timing solution that knows exactly what to do when the power comes back on. Rest easy knowing that your birds have the right lighting at the right time. With SunFlex24 Plus, your birds will never be left in the dark – or basking in sunlight during evening hours.

Designed for US and international use

We make two specific units. Our 60Hz / 120V unit is suitable for use in the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. Our 50Hz / 240V unit is suitable for use in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our units contain two plugs, one intended to manage the dimming function associated with sunrise and sunset. The other plug controls peak daylight conditions.

SunFlex24 Plus Features and Benefits

Day Lamps Plug

Automatic power failure recovery

7.9 in (20 cm)

Shipping cost varies by geography

Link to User Manual Booklet Print

Advanced features for professional bird breeders
SunFlex24 Plus was built with the professional breeder in mind. Our “Breeding Mode” gradually builds to a maximum amount of daylight. “Molting” mode gradually decreases the amount of daylight. With each mode, you choose all aspects of sunrise time, sunlight duration and the length of each season. We even have a dual-timer function that allows multiple sunrise / sunset simulations mid-day. Our software can be upgraded to incorporate new features in future releases.

Responsive customer support

including LED)

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Suitable for vivariums and aquariums
Sophisticated enthusiasts and breeders of mammals, reptiles, plants, fish and other organisms understand that optimal lighting conditions are an integral component of a healthy ecosystem. SunFlex24 Plus replicates nature while affording you complete control.

Sunflex24 Demo Videos

Engineered for global use

Sunrise / Sunset Plug

4.7 in (12 cm)


Sunflex User Manual V4.93

Eliminate lighting shock

Temperature and humidity sensor

600 W

(incandescent /  halogen)

Most units ship within 24 hours

Setup in 3 easy steps
Plug in SunFlex24 Plus, plug in your lights and make choices from our menus. It’s just that simple.

Temperature and humidity sensor
After overwhelming request from our community of professional breeders, we have integrated a temperature and humidity sensor. We know that the right temperature and humidity is essential during the last few days of incubation. With SunFlex 24 Plus, these important environmental conditions are recorded and displayed every 30 seconds.

Select Sensor Option

Suitable for vivariums and aquariums

In Stock

3 in (7.5 cm)

Designed for professional breeders

Easy setup

Responsive customer support
At SunFlex 24, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. As an inventor-owned company, you can count on me to personally respond to your inquiries.


3 lbs (1.3 kg)

Sunflex User Manual V4.93 Booklet

Plug Configuration

North America Version

Eliminates lighting shock
Traditional timers shock birds with immediate on / off lighting changes. SunFlex24 Plus replicates nature. We create a gradual sunrise, build lighting to peak, then slowly dim toward sunset.

SunFlex24 Plus

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Global  Version

Americas unit input power:

105 - 125 V AC 60 Hz

Global unit input power:

205 - 240 V AC 50 Hz

Real time clock

w/Super Cap backup

(no batteries)

$259.00 USD

Universal Daylight Controller