The Ultimate Birdroom Dimmer, Timer and  Controller all in one integrated system. The ultimate Sunrise/Sunset simulator. NOW WITH DUAL TIMERS, IT PROVIDES A DUAL SUNRISE/SUNSET THAT EXOTIC BIRD BREEDERS REQUIRE.

Designed with breeders in mind, features Auto Boost (Breed Mode) And Auto Rest (Rest after Breeding). 

The Sunflex24 is the result of the many features you have wished for. It is a complete Birdroom Lighting System.

Timer tweaking during breeding season(s) is NOW a thing of the past!    Upgrade your " Birdroom " to the 21st Century!

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Sunflex24 Daylight Controller- Birdroom Timer & Controller

**PRICES REDUCED for Limited Time........NEW SUNFLEX24PLUS.. The New System features an OPTIONAL Temperature/Humidity Sensor.. <.><.>>>>>NOW With DUAL TIMERS FOR Turning Lights OFF/ON in MIDDLE OF DAY. Feature is User Selectable.... ...