SunFlex24 Plus

About the owner

Gus Gaglio

A Brief Photo Gallery of the Evolution of the "SUNFLEX24" Systems.

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Gus Gaglio was born in Montelepre, Sicily in 1944. He is the youngest of seven siblings and moved to the United States at age 13. Gus was fascinated with electronics and communications at an early age and followed his passion into various careers in related fields. He ultimately spent 32 years with Ford Motor Company as a controls and automation engineer. While at Ford, Gus developed solutions used to control complex production sequences involving robotics and other industrial manufacturing machinery.

Universal Daylight Controller

After retiring from Ford, Gus became interested in the science of bird breeding during a 2014 visit with his brother Joe, an avid breeder based in Michigan. On that visit, Gus found fascinating the role lighting plays in triggering changes in bird behavior. Joe expressed how he manually adjusted lighting intensity and duration in an effort to simulate natural conditions. Similarly, Joe expressed the repercussions associated with on/off lighting shock and impact of extended periods of inappropriate lighting conditions caused by power failures. 

You could say that on this visit the “light bulb” went on for Gus. He knew that technology could automate every aspect of what Joe was achieving manually. Technology doesn’t sleep or get sick. It never picks up family at the airport and doesn’t play poker. Gus explained the concept to Joe and the idea for SunFlex24 was “hatched”.

In developing the SunFlex24, Gus sought input from professional breeders, judges and bird enthusiasts from around the globe. After almost a year of development and enhancements directly responsive to customer feedback, the SunFlex24 was ready for market. We have since sold units around the globe and have at least a dozen championship winning breeders using our product. As our community proposes new ideas, we strive to evolve our hardware and software accordingly. 

The most recent additional functionality, was the Dual Timer. This feature when selected from the menu, allows for the ability to turn OFF the Daylamps (simulated Sunset), for a user selectable period of time during the day. Then turn ON the Daylamps (simulated Sunrise), at a later time AND prior to scheduled daily Sunset.

Today, Gus lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Elaine. He enjoys mountain hikes and spending time with his family, including five children and seven grandchildren. As a veteran of the US Army, Gus is dedicated to honoring our US Servicemen and Servicewomen.