Below is a Video Showing Initial Startup & Preview of Main Menu Screen

Views of Menu Items &

Different Languages Below

Final Features of the Sunflex24Touch:

1. 3.5inch 480x320 65536 colors, TFT Screen

2. Resistive TouchScreen

3. Selectable Dual or Single Timer Mode

4. Breed/Rest Mode Starting Hrs, Ending Hrs & ....Duration. Duration now in 5 Minute increments.

5. Daily Sunrise/Sunset time changes when in Breed ....or Rest Mode instantly calculated & displayed5

6. Menu entries greatly simplified

7. Multiple languages capability(English, Italian, ....Spanish & German)

8. Real Time Clock  Uses SuperCap NOT Batteries

9. Plug in Set Times, Set Duration, set MODE(Manual, ....Breed or Rest), and RUN.